The 38th Tokyo Motor Show 2004

2004.11.2-11.7 (at Makuhari)

In addition to the main theme, "Vehicles for People. Vehicles as Partner", the 38th Tokyo Motor Show adopted the subtitle "Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles" to communicate to visitors much clearer concept. The 2004 show was also the final event of the commercial vehicles-oriented show and the number of visitors totaled nearly 250,000. As for barrier-free vehicles, which are drawing growing interest in society, exhibitors showcased a lot of the latest models and technologies. Various exhibits were also presented under the banner of commercial vehicles supporting people's life. The world premiers numbered 38 vehicles, while Japanese premiers reached 15 units, both of which were larger than those in the previous commercial vehicles show. A wide range of "ride and experience events" targeting fun for both adults and children also contributed to the success of the motor show. The ratio of female visitors increased to 25% of the total.