The 23rd Tokyo Motor Show 1979

1979.11.1-11.12 (at Harumi)

Under the theme of "Abundance Towards the 80s --Vehicles Connecting the World--," the last motor show in the 70s was colored with aggressive visions toward the next decade. Despite the tough challenges of energy saving, carmakers actively presented new technologies at the 23rd Tokyo motor show. The highlighted vehicles were mostly equipped with turbo engines or diesel engines. At the Theme Hall, under the banner of "Japanese Engine Technologies," a total of 77 engines and cut-away models were displayed, ranging from aircraft engines used in World War II to rocket engines for spaceships. The organizer paid a great deal of attention to foreign carmakers due to growing concerns of trade conflict. This was reflected in the number of exhibits at the show. Exhibited foreign passenger cars numbered 123, 27 units more than the previous show. Foreign cars were grouped by country.