The 35th Tokyo Motor Show 2001

2001.10.26-11.7 (at Makuhari)

The 35th Tokyo Motor show adopted the theme of "Open the Door! The Automobile's Bright Future." The opening ceremony was cancelled to express the organizer's sympathy for the victims of the terrorist attacks in the U.S. and intensified security measures were also introduced, including the inspection of visitors' personal belongings at the entrance. Although the exhibitors mostly focused on environmental-performance again this year, new trends were also found in ITS-compatible cars and vehicles featuring low emission and ultra-low fuel consumption. In the Theme Hall, a special exhibit, "Breakthroughs in Automotive Technology -- History-making Cars from Japan."was conducted. A number of old, renowned cars attracted visitors, including the "Otomo" that was the first production automobile manufactured in Japan. Meanwhile, the organizer took up new challenges such as testing the electronic ticket system using the i-mode, as well as a test drive of electric vehicles on public roads.