The 21st Tokyo Motor Show 1975

1975.10.31-11.10 (at Harumi)

The 21st Tokyo Motor Show, the first event after it changed to an every-other-year cycle, was held under the theme of "Life on Wheels" to present the auto industry's clear visions and attitude toward environmental issues. The Theme Pavilion put on various displays to show the broad connection of daily life and automobiles, as well as the auto industry's contribution (as an export business) to the Japanese economy. A very rare presentation was also seen to show the various relationships between life and vehicles in the earlier days through such old vehicles as the 1918 "Detroit" electric vehicle and the 1929 Sumida bus. On the other hand, carmakers displayed the latest developments in environmental technology in order to comply with emission regulations. Toyota displayed the TTC-c/TTC-V system, while Nissan exhibited the NAPS system. The duration was shortened by 3 days to 11 days compared with the previous show. The exhibiting areas were also reduced to 5 Halls, which resulted in a reduction of visitors to the below-one-million-level for the first time since the 9th motor show.