The 10th Tokyo Motor Show 1963

1963.10.26-11.10 (at Harumi)

"To respond to the coming liberalization of automobile import, Japanese carmakers displayed an array of new cars," newspapers reported in regard to the Tenth Motor Show. As part of the 10th anniversary program, the admission fee for the first day of the show was set at 500 yen (100 yen fee plus 400 yen donation for the Community Chest Center).

From this year's show, two halls were provided for passenger car exhibits to help passenger cars become the stars of the motor show. A test driving course was created in the south of the exhibition area, which became very popular among visitors. This suggested that the show should include "an experience-oriented event." Many cars designed by foreign car designers were also displayed at the show. Notably, Toyo Kogyo (former Mazda Motor Corp.) unveiled its rotary engine series, which the company reportedly had a hard time to develop. The company's advanced sports car fitted with the rotary engine was finally on the stage.