The 2nd Tokyo Motor Show 1955

1955.5.7-5.18 (at Hibiya Park)

The Second All-Japan Motor Show was held in 1955 at Hibiya Park, the same venue as the previous year. The show was extended to 12 days. Exhibitors still focused on commercial vehicles, such as trucks, that year. Notably, in the light-duty truck category, advanced models were displayed, including Toyota's 4-wheel light truck SKB (1,000cc engine) which will be renamed as Toyoace in 1956, Nissan's Datsun 120 Truck and Fuji Seimitsu's 1.5-ton class 4-wheel truck. These models featured both excellent driving performance and handling stability that well outperform conventional 3-wheel light trucks.

New passenger cars also were presented on the motor show's stages. Toyota unveiled its 1.5-liter engine class small cars such as Toyopet Crown and Toyopet Master, while Nissan's Datsun 110 (860cc engine) also made its debut. These cars were signs of the start of the motorization of Japanese society with made-in-Japan brands. Meanwhile, the Imperial Prince visited the motor show for the first time.