The 18th Tokyo Motor Show 1971

1971.10.29-11.11 (at Harumi)

The 18th Tokyo Motor Show, the second international motor show, attracted many more visitors from overseas countries than the previous year when capital transaction was liberalized in Japan's automotive sector in April this year. Many prominent visitors attended the international show from overseas, including William L. Mitchell, Vice President of General Motors Corp., which invested in Isuzu Motors Ltd. Meanwhile, the organizer JMIF presented a public demonstration of the CVS model, a computer-controlled urban traffic system, which has been developed as a proposal for automobile traffic in the 1970s. Exhibits of carmakers this year also focused on the challenges and solutions for safety and low-emission vehicles to respond to increasing concerns of traffic safety, air-pollution, and traffic jams in society. As for commercial vehicles, approval for exhibition was given to the under 3-ton class and a part of special-purpose vehicles only, which resulted in a passenger car oriented show this year.