The 22nd Tokyo Motor Show 1977

1977.10.28-11.7 (at Harumi)

This year's show saw a rush of new model releases of Japanese vehicles, which have succeeded in meeting exhaust emission regulations. The key slogan of the industry has changed from"low-emission" to "fuel saving." Star models included: Daihatsu Charade, fitted with the world's first 4-cycle 3-cylinder engine, which achieved a fuel economy of 19km-per-liter; as well as "fuel-saving" diesel-powered passenger cars such as the Nissan Cedric, Toyota Crown, and Isuzu Florian. This year Japan became the world's No.1 vehicle exporter, fueled by the boom of small cars due to the oil crisis. There was also a sign of an outbreak of trade conflict between Japan and Europe/America. Foreign brand vehicles thus were on display in a separate hall from Japanese vehicles at the motor show this year. The latest models occupied the foreign car hall, attracting many car enthusiasts. This helped the motor show to have a strong international flavor.