The 30th Tokyo Motor Show 1993

1993.10.22-11.5 (at Makuhari)

The Tokyo Bay Rainbow Bridge opened this year. Under the main theme of "Car Innovation in Free, Natural and Comfortable Ways," the 30th Tokyo Motor Show provided improved services for female visitors. The number of toilets for females and care centers for babies and little children were increased to promote a "Lady-friendly Motor Show." In the Theme Hall, a total of 52 old vehicles used in the period from after World War II to 1975 were displayed under the banner of "How Vehicles Changed." Meanwhile, the Japanese economy has been in a long-term recession after the bubble-period. Despite such difficult conditions, carmakers launched aggressive exhibits at the motor show. Reference models accounted for about one-third all exhibited vehicles. The mainstream of the concept cars featured safety and environmental-performance and some of these will be ready for market launch within the next 1-2 years. From this year, recreational vehicles (RVs) fitted with 4WD systems have begun to be transformed into urban street-oriented models.