The 12th Tokyo Motor Show 1965

1965.10.29-11.11 (at Harumi)

A feeling that the time of high economic growth had come was in the air. The 12th Tokyo Motor Show was held immediately after the October 1 introduction of the automobile import liberalization. For this year's motor show, Japanese carmakers thus emphasized sales promotion rather than presenting showy exhibits. To cope with imported automobiles, luxury Japanese models were on display, including the President fitted with a V8 4,000cc engine, the New Cedric, and Crown V8 engine model which was previously showcased at last year's show. In the small car category, a variety of new models were unveiled in the 800-1,000cc engine class, including Japan's first fastback model, the Colt 800, the Honda S800/N800, Subaru 1000, and Familia Coupe 1000. My Cars (One's own cars), which were not used for taxi models, were also highlighted at the show.