The 11th Tokyo Motor Show 1964

1964.9.26-10.9 (at Harumi)

Seeing market growth due to the liberalization of automobile import to be introduced in April next year, three foreign carmakers newly participated in the motor show this year. With this international move, the motor show was renamed from the All-Japan Motor Show to the Tokyo Motor Show. A press room was also created for foreign and domestic media. This year's show featured many GT and Coupe models rather than conventional 4-door sedans, which reflected the desire for sporty cars in the minds of consumers. Toyota's third-generation Corona RT40 was also displayed at the show. The Corona series and its long-time rival, Nissan's Bluebird, through their side-by-side competition in the so-called "B-C Battle" in the market, have long played a key role in the development of Japan's motorization.