The 5th Tokyo Motor Show 1958

1958.10.10-10.20 (at Korakuen)

For the Fifth Motor Show, the venue was changed to the infield space of Korakuen Bicycle Race Stadium due to construction at Hibiya Park. The time period of the show was also shifted to commence from October 10. The motor show hereafter opens as an autumn event organized by the Japan Motor Industrial Federation, Inc. In the fifth show, a Technical Center (sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineering) was created to promote technical developments of made-in-Japan automobiles, as well as a new Meeting Place for business talks. An automobile information room was also provided near the main entrance of the venue. More than 300 people visited the center per day.

Although some newspapers were critical, saying that a Japanese car for the common people had not yet been produced this year either, a newly released Subaru 360 was very popular at the national event. Other vehicles which aroused interest included the Mikasa Touring 600cc engine car equipped with a torque converter, and the Crown 1,500cc diesel engine model.