The 19th Tokyo Motor Show 1972

1972.10.23-11.5 (at Harumi)

The main focus of this year's show was the technological developments of safety vehicles and emission reduction, which were also the primary targets to be addressed. The auto industry's challenging positions were highlighted throughout the show. To support this, a "Safety and Pollution Prevention Corner" was set up in the 1st Hall, while large commercial vehicles were eliminated from the exhibits again. Carmakers presented the latest technologies of low-emission vehicles, including the oxide catalyst (the three way catalyst was not available at that time) and Honda's CVCC engine, as well as Thermal Reactor technology developed by Mazda and Daihatsu. Meanwhile, visitors paid great attention to motor sport oriented cars such as a racecar specification model of the Nissan Skyline and Savanna RX-3. A lunar surface vehicle, developed jointly by Isuzu and GM, was also one of the star attraction.