The 13th Tokyo Motor Show 1966

1966.10.26-11.8 (at Harumi)

The 13th Tokyo Motor Show was held in 1966, the year of "The first year of My Car (one's own car)." As the driving force of the development of Japan's motorization, the Nissan Sunny and Toyota Corolla were unveiled at this year's show. Other carmakers also presented their new models in the 800-1,000cc engine class, heralding the "Era of Cars for Everyone." Amid the My Car boom, minivehicles fitted with under 660cc engines also earned popularity among consumers again. New minivehicle models such as Honda's N360, the Daihatsu Fellow, and Suzuki Fronte featured significantly improved performance, resulting in a strong presence among owners of conventional minivehicles. Notably, the Nissan Prince Royal, the first made-in-Japan limousine used by the emperor and empress, was unveiled at the show. Visitors were surprised at the vehicle's overwhelming body size and engine.