The 14th Tokyo Motor Show 1967

1967.10.26-11.8 (at Harumi)

The 14th Tokyo Motor Show provided an opportunity for promoting traffic safety to society. A "Traffic Safety Corner" was created on the second floor of the 8th Hall (space for passenger cars) to allow visitors to experience tests. At the 2nd Hall, another promotion was conducted concerning the importance of the helmet. Although the number of exhibited vehicles slightly decreased to 655 units, compared to the previous year, attractive vehicles were on display. Toyota's Century, fitted with a V8-cylinder 3,000cc engine, was introduced as the company's flagship model. Nissan also unveiled its Bluebird 510. The vehicle features unique exterior design without triangle windows as well as a new independent 4-wheel suspension, which also became a popular model in the U.S. later. Toyo Kogyo displayed its rotary engine cars, the RX87 and RX85, as reference models.