The 34th Tokyo Motor Show 2000

2000.10.31-11.4 (at Makuhari)

As the first commercial vehicles show, the 34th Tokyo Motor Show was held under the theme of "Vehicle of Character Across the World, Building Our Future." Exhibitors from 7 countries included 129 companies, 2 governments and 2 organizations took part. A variety of exhibits were presented, ranging from minivehicle trucks, large tucks, buses, commercial vehicles, vehicles for disabled or elderly people, to recreational vehicles. In addition to business people, general users enjoyed the commercial vehicles show. "Environment, ITS and Welfare" were common themes among the exhibitors. Environment-friendly power systems were an attention-getter, including hybrid, CNG, LPG systems and DPF equipment. An array of convenient equipment for loading wheelchairs was introduced in vehicles for disabled and elderly people. A test drive corner for large trucks that the general public cannot usually drive was also popular.