The 31st Tokyo Motor Show 1995

1995.10.27-11.8 (at Makuhari)

The 31st Tokyo Motor Show adopted the theme "Dream the Dream, a Car with That Feel". This year the Japanese people suffered the Great Hanshin Earthquake and the sarin nerve-gas attack on the Tokyo subway system and the motor show's duration was shortened by 2 days partially for security reasons. The closing time of the show, however, was extended to 19:00 to allow business people to drop in easily on weekdays. Display restrictions were softened and the exhibitors' booths were colored with brilliant lighting, which offset the economic recession. Following the debut of the Honda Odyssey the previous year, other carmakers all presented reference models in the minivan category. Meanwhile, new sports cars added another spirit to the motor show, including the Toyota MRJ, Honda SSM, and Mazda RX-01. A hybrid car, the Toyota Prius, also debuted at this year's show. In the Theme Hall, an array of racecars was unveiled under the banner of "Cars Running Through Dreams and Adventure", which attracted many visitors.