The 1st Tokyo Motor Show 1954

1954.4.20-4.29 (at Hibiya Park)

In 1954, the First All-Japan Motor Show was heralded on April 20 at Hibiya Park in Tokyo, presided over by H.I.H. Price Takamatsu. At that time, the general public was seeking "three status symbols in Japanese society" - the electric refrigerator, washer and vacuum cleaner as most of them were not able to purchase automobiles. Getting a car was literally a "dream" for Japanese consumers. On the other hand, the industry people of the automotive sector were eager to develop the industry and build Japanese-made cars again. A total of 254 Japanese companies joined the first auto show, exhibiting a total of 267 motor vehicles, including 17 passenger cars. The majority of the exhibits were trucks and motorcycles. The 10-day event successfully attracted 547,000 visitors. Backed up by favorable latent demand, industry people believed that they could develop and market Japanese-made vehicles in the near future.