The 15th Tokyo Motor Show 1968

1968.10.26-11.11 (at Harumi)

Japanese carmakers experienced industry-wide reorganization this year. Nissan, after the merger with Prince in 1966, announced a business tie-up with Fuji Heavy Industries. Toyota also formed a business alliance with Hino and Daihatsu. With this alliance, Hino stopped producing its Contessa passenger car and Hino vehicles vanished in the passenger car halls of the Tokyo Motor Show. As traffic safety and air-pollution became serious problems this year, the organizer provided a Safety Science Center in the 5th Hall at the motor show to promote seatbelts (with demonstration) and control of idling. A "Traffic Safety Room for Children" was also created for the first time. Among the exhibits, Toyota's Crown Hardtop (2-door model) and Corona Mark II (1600 and 1900) were the center of attraction. Other vehicles of interest included the Nissan Laurel, Skyline 2000GT powered by a V6 engine, Isuzu 117 Coupe, and Toyota's Sprinter Coupe.