The 25th Tokyo Motor Show 1983

1983.10.28-11.8 (at Harumi)

Amid the world economy facing hard times over the years, Japanese domestic demand was also sluggish. Exhibitors at the Tokyo Motor Show this year, however, presented abundant displays of prototypes and reference models to visitors. These vehicles adopted new technologies which were soon to be used in production vehicles. Proactive proposals for near-future vehicles were also found in such exhibits. Exhibited foreign passenger cars increased by 50% compared with the previous motor show. Foreign exhibitors numbered 28 companies. Combined number of exhibited vehicles with Japanese vehicles totaled 945 units, an all-time high. The number of visitors reached 1,204,000 people, including 26,625 foreign visitors. In commemoration of the motor show's 25th anniversary, the Theme Hall featured "Vehicles: Past, Present, and Future." The special showcase provided displays and easy explanations of the possibility of technologies in vehicle development, as well as how the present high technologies have been developed, and how new materials and electronics would be utilized in future technology.