The 8th Tokyo Motor Show 1961

1961.10.25-11.7 (at Harumi)

The "brilliant" Eighth Motor Show featured various sports cars and prototypes. The exhibiting area was double the space of the previous show and a South Gate was newly added. An extended exhibition time (through 8 p.m.) was introduced on two days of this year's show. The total number of visitors surpassed 900,000. The Japanese government announced the income-doubling program at the year-end of the previous year, and individual spending gradually increased. The so-called "3-C Period" was approaching the general public. People's dreams were to have a car, color TV and air-conditioner. Buoyed by the upturned economy, the star models were presented at the Motor Show. Many international products were also showcased. They were the Prince Skyline Sports Convertible designed by Micherotti, the Nissan Fairlady prototype, the Italian-style Toyopet Sports X, and the Daihatsu 700cc engine car.