The 7th Tokyo Motor Show 1960

1960.10.25-11.7 (at Harumi)

In the wake of the introduction of the Road Traffic Act in December of the previous year, the Road Vehicles Act was revised a month before of the Motor Show. Engine displacement for the small gasoline-powered vehicle was expanded from the previous 1,500cc to 2,000cc. To help visitors know about the new rules well, a promotional campaign titled "A Quick Guide to the New Road Vehicles Act" was conducted during the Motor Show. A prize for an essay regarding "What the new Road Vehicles Act should be" was also offered.

A highlight of the exhibits was Toyota's entry car, Publica. The 700cc-engine car carried an ad heralding it as "The Car for Everyone". The sticker price of the 4-seater model was 389,000 yen, so they said the Publica was a $1,000 car (exchange rate at that time: 1 dollar = 360 yen). Other new models displayed at the show included the Cedric, a fruit of collaboration with Austin, and the R360 Coupe. In addition, inexpensive cars priced at the 500,000-yen level sharply increased at this year's show.