The 28th Tokyo Motor Show 1989

1989.10.26-11.6 (at Makuhari)

In 1987, the first year of the change of era from Showa to Heisei, the venue of the Tokyo Motor Show changed from the 30-year long venue at Harumi, Tokyo, since the 6th event, to the Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center), Chiba Prefecture. The 28th Tokyo Motor Show adopted its theme as "Freedom of Mobility - A Taste of Real Life and Luxury." Foreign exhibitors newly joined the motor show, including Korea in passenger cars plus Spain and Finland in the auto parts category. Exhibitors totaled 332 companies, 2 governments and 3 organizations from 15 countries. The number of visitors and journalists both marked a record-high of the motor show. Amidst the high-growth "bubble economy," the commodity tax for purchasing the so-called "3-number vehicles" was replaced with a consumption tax (tentatively 6%) this year. This also helped consumers to pay strong attention to luxury vehicles. The Toyota 4500GT, Honda NSX and other high-speed and high-performance cars were the star of attract at the motor show.