The 20th Tokyo Motor Show 1973

1973.10.30-11.12 (at Harumi)

To commemorate the 20th anniversary, the organizer prepared special events for the Tokyo Motor Show this year. They were the "Development of Vehicles," an easy explanation display of how vehicles have progressed, and "Man and Automobiles," a review of the role of automobiles in society. Although a relatively small number of new cars such as the Toyota Starlet released in the market this year, an advanced Japanese prototype unveiled at the 19th International Conference on ESV (Experimental Safety Vehicle) held in Kyoto succeeded in promoting the high-level safety technologies of Japan to the world industry. This year's show gave the green light for large commercial vehicles to join, while many foreign vehicles were also on stage. However, the first oil crisis attacked the auto industry during this show, which broke out immediately before the opening of the motor show. It was so serious that the industry decided not to hold a motor show every year from the following year.