The 9th Tokyo Motor Show 1962

1962.10.25-11.7 (at Harumi)

The highlight of this year's Motor Show was Honda's first automobile. The company has already earned a world-class reputation in motorcycle races such as the World Grand Prix, and unveiled its two models on the stage: The Honda Sports 360 and 500. This helped the event attract one million and more visitors for the first time. The street from Ginza to the Harumi venue was congested with more than 10,000 cars going to the motor show every day and the organizer was forced to change it to a one-way street. At the same time, maritime transport was introduced between Takeshiba Pier and Harumi. The exhibiting areas were extended to accommodate a total of 410 vehicles. A Technical Center also debuted in an out-door area at the show hosted by the Japan Automotive Service Equipment Association and others.