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The 38th Tokyo Motor Show-Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles- (2004) will be held from November 2 to November 7, 2004 at the Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center) in Chiba City, Chiba. A Press Day will be held on Tuesday, November 2 to allow members of the press to view the show prior to general public viewing. Members of the press intending to attend this event must register.

1. List of Exhibits

Same ID and password as those for press registration are required.

2. The Digital Album service

Same ID and password as those for press registration are required.

We will make available a Digital Album as part of our services for the press.
The album contains official photographs of the show taken by the organizer to communicate the atmosphere (entrance gates, exhibition hall aerial shots, exhibits, events etc.). All photographs are available as high-resolution data files (DTP-quality; digital camera specs: 2,034 x 1,536 pixels [approx. 3.5 million pixels] to 3,024 x 2,016 pixels [approx. 6.0 million pixels]). In advance of the show opening the album will contain graphic data from the previous show (the 36th show in 2002).

Click here for The Digital Album service >>

3. Press Center location and services
Press Center 2004
Press Center 2004

Bridgestone Corporation decided to sponsor the Press Center this year again. This is the third time since the 36th Tokyo Motor Show in 2002. The Center will be located on the 3rd floor of the International Conference Hall, and will feature substantially more seats than previous shows. (108 seats) It will be fully equipped with the latest in digital technology: optical fiber lines (100 Mbps) to connect to the Internet (LAN connections and "hot spots"), modular jacks, telephones, fax machines etc. In addition to a full compliment of telecommunications equipment, the Center will also have parcel delivery services, video tapes of press briefings and a host of other services to support reporters.

Press center Layout and Press Kit Distribution Counter (PDF)

4. Press registration

On-site press registration will be also available at the information desks at each entrance gate (West Gate, Center Gate, and East Gate) to Makuhari Messe.

You will be required to fill in a registration form and present your business card. In some cases you may be asked to present the articles that you wrote for any publications.

After reviewing your credential, you will be provided the press card immediately.


Press registration is open to those involved in reporting, editing and broadcasting. Press registration is not open to advertising agencies, public-relations firms, or the advertising sales departments of newspapers, publishers, television stations or radio stations that are involved with exhibitors. Moreover, registrants may be asked to submit example publications, programming plans or similar documentation in order to facilitate the organizer's review. The organizer reserves the right to refuse registration in the event that our review indicates prospective registrants are not members of the press.

5. Press releases
2004/11/7 The 38th Tokyo Motor Show - Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles - (2004)
Ends With Success
2004/9/28 The 38th Tokyo Motor Show - Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles - (2004)
Sales of Advance Tickets to Begin
2004/9/28 The 38th Tokyo Motor Show - Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles - (2004)
Opens to the General Public on Wednesday, November 3 (public holiday)
2004/5/20 Extension of Show Days for the 39th Tokyo Motor Show for Passenger Cars & Motorcycles 2005 and Change in Show Format beginning with the 40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007
2004/3/18 The 38th Tokyo Motor Show-Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles- (2004)
Finalizes Theme and Logo Mark
2004/2/19 The 38th Tokyo Motor Show —Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles— (2004)
Now Accepting Sponsors
6. Press briefing schedule
7. Tokyo Motor Show News
2004/11/8 Vol.6 (PDF)
2004/11/7 Vol.5 (PDF)
2004/11/6 Vol.4 (PDF)
2004/11/5 Vol.3 (PDF)
2004/11/4 Vol.2 (PDF)
2004/11/3 Vol.1 (PDF)
2004/4/15 No.29 (PDF)
2004/1/30 No.28 (PDF)
8. Travel Information

Travel Agent


JAL JAPAN AIRLINES Japan Airlines and appointed agencies (PDF)
9. Data Download

Same ID and password as those for press registration are required.

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The Tokyo Motor Show press center is sponsored by Bridgestone Corporation
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