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[Exhibitor Interviews]Mazda Motor Corporation

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[Exhibitor Interviews]Mazda Motor Corporation

In 2007, Mazda announced its long-term technology development strategy, called the "Sustainable 'Zoom-Zoom' Declaration". The main policies of the declaration were to provide "joy of driving" and "advanced environmental and safety features". "The main point of safety was the way of thinking called 'Mazda Proactive Safety'. Safe driving is provided by supporting the driver's cognition, decision making and control, while at the same time providing an enjoyable driving experience," explains Masayuki Motohashi, General Manager, Technology Planning Department, Mazda Product Strategy Division.

The Mazda CX-5 on display at the booth is developed with this way of thinking. It is easy to see all of the features packed into the vehicle to support safety, such as great visibility, side mirrors that allow you to see even small children, a controller that allows drivers to control the infotainment system with as little distraction as possible, and expanded legroom. "Mazda's self-developed advanced safety system 'i-ACTIVSENSE' that has been utilized since 2013 is also on display at the booth".

People are placed at the center when developing Mazda Proactive Safety automated driving technologies, and Mazda trusts and respects the drivers. The automated driving system will allow the driver to experience the excitement of driving, only stepping in when it senses danger, and determines the driver cannot avoid the danger.

He explained his excitement for the event, saying "I hope people will be able to see and understand Mazda's safety ideology, our technology and cars that utilize those technologies at our booth in SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015".