The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015



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The revolutionary advancement of communication technologies and new environmental/energy technologies has made an enormous change to the automotive industry and the social system around it.
"SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015" is positioned as an organizer's theme project planned by the host of the 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015, a motor show, under the slogan of"aiming for being the world's leading technology motor show," which aims to gain a unique position among the international motor shows in terms of the prowess of information diffusion throughout the world.
This time being its third incarnation, the theme has been set as"With more freedom... change for cars, change for lifestyles, change for society." In order to revolutionize the commonly held concept of an exposition, this exhibition will create the"City of Tomorrow"in which visitors will be able to have real experiences of new relationships of a city, automobiles, and people.
SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015 consists of three programs:"Exhibitions," "Test-Rides," and "Conferences."
The "Exhibitions" program is a combination of two parts: "Theme Exhibition (by the organizer)" will introduce the theme in an easy-to-understand and fun manner;"Exhibitions of advanced technologies and products (by private-sector corporations and relevant organizations)"will showcase technologies and products that will realize the theme introduced by the organizer part. Explanations will be given on advanced products, technologies, systems, and services displayed not only by the automobile manufactures, but also by private-sector corporations, relevant organizations, and governmental agencies in the fields of information and communications, environment and energy, and advanced materials, etc.
In the "Test-rides" program, visitors will be able to enjoy test drive of next-generation mobilities (including personal mobilities and ultra-compact mobilities) from Japan and abroad as well as automated driving. On test-drive courses set within the City of Tomorrow called "SMART MOBILITY CITY," visitors will be able to have firsthand experiences of safety and pleasure, which are some of the appeals of next-generation mobilities,
On the theme for this project as "With more freedom... change for cars, change for lifestyles, change for society." the "Conferences" program will have an international symposium as a space for discussions, gathering experts from Japan and abroad, technical seminars by exhibitors, and workshops for children.
Through these three programs, we aim for the wide array of visitors coming to the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 to have a comprehensive experience while having fun in the world of "Smart Mobility City."