The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


[Exhibitor Interviews]ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD.

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[Exhibitor Interviews]ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD.

The "Internet of Things (IoT)" combines various devices to the Internet, and we are in a society where computers, smartphones, wearable devices and cars can connect to the Internet. Naoki Sugimoto, Ph. D, the Business Development Office General Manager of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. speaks of his hopes for integration of glass and IoT, saying that "I want to make glass, which is around us in many parts of our lives, a new information interface. By combining glass with rapidly developing sensors, it is possible to create an interactive information interface". This technology has many uses such as on trains, buses and cars to display your destination on the windows, or alerting drivers about upcoming dangers on the windscreen.

Asahi Glass has worked on creating cities and cars, and is now expanding its reach to the information communication industry. "We hope to combine the knowledge we gathered from creating glass with chemical technology, ceramics and electronics and continue to create new kinds of products."

"Glass has been involved in many important parts of history," says Mr. Sugimoto. Glass lenses created microscopes leading to advancements in microbiology, and it is also used in telescopes, advancing astrology. In addition, glass was used in the first light bulbs created by Edison. TV-tubes, flat-panel TVs, fiber-optic cables for internet, and more use glass as well. As you can see, glass has helped out in many parts of history, and it will play another important role by combining with information interfaces. Come to the SMC AGC booth and see how Asahi Glass will contribute to future smart societies.