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[Exhibitor Interviews]MITSUBISHI MOTORS

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[Exhibitor Interviews]MITSUBISHI MOTORS

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will present an image of a living room that combines the 3 types of electricity; electricity from power companies, natural energy from solar panels, and stored electricity from batteries in electric vehicles.

The exhibit will recreate the flow of energy in the day in the life of a household with an electric vehicle. More specifically it will show how energy collected from solar panels during the day, and low-cost energy stored during the night is stored in the battery of the Outlander PHEV. Households will be able to use electricity more economically and effectively by using this system called "V2H" (Vehicle to Home), allowing electric vehicles to connect to homes and provide energy throughout the home.

Wataru Matsuoka, Assistant Manager of the Engineering Strategy Department E-Mobility Business Office explains that, "in recent years, V2H has gained popularity as a way for the environmentally conscious and as a way to prepare for natural disasters. The vehicles are able to provide electricity to homes during power outages, and store lower-cost energy during the night to allow for load shifting. In addition, unreliable natural energy such as solar energy can be used more reliably by combining it with batteries".

He states that V2H is necessary to use renewable energy to its full extent. There are additional benefits by using extensions of V2H such as V2B (Vehicle to Building) and V2C (Vehicle to Community) systems.

"Even in Germany where solar energy is more common, there is a lot of interest in V2H technology. Using energy from parked vehicles is a big area for expansion, and our company is planning to be heavily involved in this area".

Learn more about effective uses of clean energy at the booth, which will explain the V2H technology in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.