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[Exhibitor Interviews]Ministry of the Environment

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[Exhibitor Interviews]Ministry of the Environment

The Japanese Government has set a new goal for reducing CO2 emissions by the year 2030, aiming to reduce emissions by 26% compared to 2013. In order to achieve these numbers, the Ministry of the Environment is starting a new initiative called "COOL CHOICE". According to Environment Bureau Global Warming Measures Division National Life Measures Room Environmental Expert Researcher, Akina Kojima, "COOL CHIOCE is about making smart choices when it comes to eco-friendly and low-carbon products, actions and services".

In the world of transportation, cool choices can involve actions such as eco-driving or choosing to ride in environmentally friendly vehicles. Actively choosing these options will start to shape the future into a world that is much more environmentally conscious. "We don't plan on stopping in Japan, and we hope to present COOL CHOICE to the world as a successful example of reducing CO2 emissions," says Ms. Kojima. The goal is to have people all over the world realize that changing actions and choices will effectively shape the future into a world that is more conscious about the environment.

SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015 will have "eco-driving" as one of its keywords and will present an eco-driving simulator experience, as well as introducing specific ways to eco-drive. Moreover, there will be exhibitions of environmentally friendly cars from the perspective of conservation.
"The Ministry of Environment has created an even more complete exhibition by cooperating with the show organizer, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. I believe that visitors will be able to enjoy COOL CHOICE and eco-driving from various perspectives".
SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015 will serve as a great opportunity to understand COOL CHOICE and make smarter decisions for the future.