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[Exhibitor Interviews]ninebot Inc.

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[Exhibitor Interviews]ninebot Inc.

Ninebot Inc., a company based in Beijing, China, currently sells its line of two-wheeled transportation support robots in 400 locations in 100 countries around the world. The characteristics of its vehicles include a stylish design and its ability to be taken apart in order to easily carry it to your destination.
「The Segway, which became a part of ninebot in Japan this April, is a popular mobility similar to the ninebot. At this years Motor Show, we are showing off the ninebot, ninebot elite, and the ninebot mini which is going on sale on September, 15", explains Mitsuhide Takasaka General Sales Manager from Japanese general distributor, Otomo Corporation.

In a survey conducted about rideable movement assisting robots, approximately 80% had heard about it, and approximately 90% were interested in riding one.
"However, until now these robots were only rideable in a small part of Tsukuba City in Ibaraki Prefecture. However, after a revision of the Road Traffic Law in April, these robots became rideable around Japan, as long as it met the regulations of that district in Tsukuba City. Compared to the rest of the world, Japan was slower in the adoption of these robots until now, but with this revision, I believe that people will get have more chances to test it out".

The ninebots will be rideable at SMC2015, so please stop by and experience the future of mobility.