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[Exhibitor Interviews]ITS Japan

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[Exhibitor Interviews]ITS Japan

When people hear the word "automated driving", people automatically assume that it means the cars drive themselves without any human interaction. "Of course, that time will come eventually, and at this point, many cars already integrate highly advanced technology related to automated driving," says ITS Japan Managing Director, Hajime Amano.

For example, pre-collision automatic braking technologies and automatic lane keeping systems are already implemented in cars today. "It is becoming more and more common for the cars that are on the road today to have some sort of automated driving technology".

In today's society, we are dealing with many issues spanning from a low birthrate and an aging population to natural disasters. "Transportation has an incredibly important position as a measure to help combat these issues. ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) is continually looking for ways to use its technologies to contribute to society as a whole".

In addition, there is a movement to standardize development, systems, and regulations across countries, as many advanced automated driving technologies continue to be developed. "I feel that it is important to emphasize Japan's high technological skill as international cooperation becomes stronger".
Please visit the exhibition booth to see the current and future automated driving technologies.