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[Exhibitor Interviews]Association For the Promotion Of Electric Vehicles (APEV)

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[Exhibitor Interviews]Association For the Promotion Of Electric Vehicles (APEV)

The Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles works under the philosophy of "leaving a beautiful Earth for the children of the future". They organized the first EV design contest for students in 2013, and also conducted an awards ceremony at the previous Tokyo Motor Show.

According to the Senior Researcher at APEV, "there will be an awards ceremony on November 4th this year at SMC2015, in addition to showcasing posters for the winning designs from the design contest. The contest will gather designs of two-passenger micro mobility vehicles from university students all around the world. The 3D-printed trophy that will be awarded to the winner will also be on display".

There is a lot of anticipation for the possibilities of micro mobility vehicles in achieving the goal of having emission-free EVs becoming more popular in Japan. "Micro mobility will not only be effective in cities, but also in depopulated areas that no longer have gasoline stations. It is also extremely easy for the elderly to use, too. I hope that more people will understand the possibilities of future mobility solutions through this contest".

Students from Europe, where micro mobility vehicles are already in use, will be joining the contest. They are expected to stimulate the young Japanese university students aiming to become designers. "There are many fantastic submissions from all over the world. I really hope you join us during the awards ceremony on November 4th".