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[Exhibitor Interviews]Saitama City

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[Exhibitor Interviews]Saitama City

The "Misono Town Management Association" was created in August 2015, starting a new kind of city-planning for Saitama, bringing together government, citizens and universities. There are many plans being discussed, such as creating new local services for a better urban environment. "At this year's SMC, we are presenting "Saitama's Common Platform", and we look forward to visitors seeing the plans and participating in our project," says Misono Town Management Association Managing Director, Yuki Okamoto.

"Saitama's Common Platform" is a common information base system that allows any device or manufacturer to collect, transmit and utilize information. "By creating a common information base system, residents will be able receive various services from one platform. In addition to mobility vehicle sharing, residents will be able to receive services such as health and welfare specific to their age and lifestyle". In addition, by using this common platform, service providers will also no longer be held back by the size of their company and be able to be stand on level ground. We are also hoping that cooperation between different business sectors that have never been seen before will be born in the Misono area.

"Saitama's Common Platform" will be the start to solving various problems in modern society such as low birthrate, aging population and industrial development. "Please visit our press briefing and see the steps we are taking to create the smart city of Saitama".