The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


[Exhibitor Interviews]Pioneer Corporation

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[Exhibitor Interviews]Pioneer Corporation

"At this year's event, visitors will be able to experience controlling various types of information while driving in our driving simulator set up with the next-generation IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) cockpit-type mockup. Until now, there were many restrictions to what drivers could do while driving. However, with the use of smartphones and cloud-based technologies from our company, users are freed from those restrictions, and able to easily interact with information. Our exhibition allows you to experience this type of futuristic driving," explains Product Systems Business Strategy Department Lead Planning Division Director, Manabu Shimodaira. Of course, what lies ahead of this next-generation IVI system is Pioneer's goal of creating products that are utilized worldwide.

IR・Public Relations Department Public Relations Division Vice Secretary, Hiromitsu Kimura talks about the SMC exhibition, saying "Pioneer is accumulating technology and know-how for connected cars of the near future and automated driving of the future. We would like people to experience the futuristic value of this work we have put in".
The technology that you will experience in the driving simulator at the SMC exhibition will drastically impact automated driving technology in the future. "We hope to make automated driving even more attractive for users, and we plan to support various automakers as well," says Mr. Kimura.
Please experience the "Future value of automated driving" from Pioneer at their booth.