The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


Introducing "SMC Test-Rides", a way to test the new mobility solutions and enjoy SMC even more

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"SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015" is the organizer-themed project at Tokyo Motor Show 2015. A personal mobility and micro mobility test-ride course will be set up next to the organizer exhibits. There will also be a demonstration of Automated Driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on the Rooftop Exhibition Area.

Personal Mobility is a vehicle that travels at 6km/h, nearly the same speed of a person walking. Visitors will be able to experience what a symbiotic relationship between people and vehicles will look like, as personal mobility vehicles drive alongside people on the main street of SMC, "SMC Avenue".
A wide variety of 23 personal mobility vehicles from 4 companies will be present this year. It is a unique opportunity to have this many personal mobility vehicles in one place. Take this chance to experience the ease and convenience of personal mobility vehicles and the future of increased range of motion that lies in front of us.

Micro Mobility is a vehicle for one or two passengers. Some may already be familiar with them as they have been undergoing demonstrative testing in parts of Japan. There will be 9 vehicles from 5 companies, and visitors will be able to see the unique characteristics of each vehicle. The test-ride course itself is also unique in that it allows you to go directly outside, allowing you to take an exhilarating ride and even take pictures. (The number of vehicles may change depending on circumstances.)

(1) Personal Mobility Test-Rides

<Press>October 28 (Wed)
<General>October 29 (Thu) - November 8 (Sun)
【Location】 Experience Corner located next to Personal Mobility Lab
【Participating Companies and Vehicles】
Toyota Motor Corp. Winglet Long Type / Short Type
Ninebot Inc.  Ninebot E
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. UNI-CUB β

(2) Micro Mobility Test-Rides
<Press>October 28 (Wed)
<General>October 29 (Thu) - November 8 (Sun)
【Location】A test-ride course set up from within Station Core to the outdoor Truck Yard

【Participating Companies】
ZieD Co., Ltd. Zied-C1
Toyota Motor Corp. i-ROAD
Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd. COMS
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.  Nissan New Mobility Concept
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.  MC-β

(3)Automated Driving/Advanced Driver Assistance System Demonstration
<Press>October 28 (Wed)
<General>October 29 (Thu) - November 8 (Sun)
【Location】 Rooftop Exhibition Area
【Participating Companies】Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., Toyota Motor Corp., Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Volkswagen Group Japan Co., Ltd., Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Motors Corp., Mercedes-Benz Japan

Experience the presence and advanced technology of next-generation mobility at the Test-Rides in the city of SMC.

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