The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


See and experience the future of cars; the style and its enjoyment Cars and ICT&E (Energy/Entertainment) Lab

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See and experience the future of cars; the style and its enjoyment Cars and ICT&E (Energy/Entertainment) Lab

At the theme-park like city of tomorrow exhibition, "SMART MOBILITY CITY", there is a third exhibit, "Cars and ICT&E (Energy/Entertainment) Lab", in addition to the two exhibits, "Station Core" and "Personal Mobility Lab" which were introduced in previous issues. This exhibit will introduce automated driving technologies, how FCV, EV and PHV/HV systems work, and introduce the newest technology in cars, information and energy, all aimed at providing an outlook in to the future of mobility.

Cars and ICT&E (Energy/Entertainment) Lab is made up of 3 sections.


① What is automated driving?


With "Cars that dream" as the theme, a video will be projected on a wall mounted screen and a car shaped screen. Various automated driving and advanced driver assistance systems will be explained through a story of a family on vacation in the future.

There are clear advancements in automated driving, and it is easier to see a future where "cars become closer to humans, and become a definite partner". In addition, visitors will be able to experience communicative cars that talk to passengers, greet pedestrians, and solve problems between other cars.

② Cars, Information Communication, and Energy


The theme for this exhibition is "Cars that connect to society and lifestyles". The possibilities of a connected car that interacts with big data and cloud computing will be on display. In the exhibition, a video will be projected on a table and a model car placed on the table. The video will show the quick manner in which cars collect and store data through telematics services, connect to big data, and provide synthesized traffic and statistic information. Not only that, cars will connect with much more than just big data. Cars can connect to energy sources such as electricity and hydrogen, expanding supply systems and home systems to realize an interaction of "City, Energy, and Cars".

③ Cars and Entertainment


The theme for this exhibition is "Enjoy driving even more!", and a hand-drawn futuristic cockpit design will be projected on a blackboard screen. Not only will various driving and entertainment information be gathered, the display will also provide a detailed image of how cars will communicate with other cars. Visitors can expand their imagination on how fun the future of driving will be, just by looking at this exciting exhibition.