The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


See the diverse mobilities in motion in a futuristic city! "Station Core" and "Personal Mobility Lab"

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See the diverse mobilities in motion in a futuristic city!

"SMART MOBILITY CITY" is the world's first theme-park like exhibition, featuring a pavilion with 24 cutting-edge companies and groups working on car-related social systems, and three organizer exhibition areas. In this issue, we will introduce two of the organizer exhibitions.

The first exhibition is "Station Core", which is a representation of a train station at the center of the city of tomorrow. In this exhibit, visitors will be able to see and understand the wide variety of mobilities (including cars), how they interact and contribute to the society, in a way that is fun and easy to understand.

For example, in the "New City and Transportation" area, there will be an introduction of a new urban traffic system that is safe and comfortable, yet still remains environmentally friendly. "Multimodal Interface", "New Urban Transport System" and "Car-sharing/Bicycle-sharing" are some of the systems that will be shown at the booth. In addition, the new category of mobility systems called "micro mobility", targeted for the current society where energy conservation, aging population and a low birthrate are an issue, will be explained, highlighting its distinctive features and ease of use. Furthermore, visitors will be able to test drive the micro mobility vehicles at the station rotary next to Station Core. We welcome visitors to experience the excitement of these new mobilities at the exhibition.

At the "International Student EV Micro Mobility Design Contest 2015", EV Micro Mobility solutions designed by students from Japan and abroad will be on display.

Mobility is anticipated to undergo significant progress, and it is predicted that they will become an unrestricted way of transportation, not held back by the past. "Station Core" presents a new era of cars that are not held back by preconceived notions of cars, and instead displays a new generation of vehicles that offers a view of the future where cars communicate with the city and society and function together as one.

Personal Mobility Lab

The second organizer exhibition is the "Personal Mobility Lab". This exhibition will present the latest in personal mobility research, which aims to create a world where cars and people live in harmony.

Not only will the question, "What is personal mobility?" be answered, but visitors will also be able to learn about balance control technology and driving mechanisms, which are unique to personal mobility. In addition, a special exhibition on "exercise assistance robotics" which are being researched as a way to help seniors and handicapped people live and enjoy their lives more freely.

A personal mobility test-ride course will be set up, and we hope that by experiencing these mobility solutions first-hand, visitors will be able to become more familiar with the new symbiotic relationship between people and mobility.

Please visit the city of tomorrow, "SMART MOBILITY CITY", and experience the new relationship between people, cars, and the city, and the enjoyable life that it will bring with it.