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[Exhibitor Interviews]eXmachina Corporation

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[Exhibitor Interviews]eXmachina Corporation

The "eXmachina" is a micro mobility vehicle that allows two passengers to sit side-by-side. The vehicle is planned not to be sold to consumers, but instead planned to be rented out through car-sharing services and yearly rental services. Hideo Sakata, Senior Designer of the Design Division at eXmachina Corporation, explains, "our company will run the Machina Café as the hub for local businesses, and as the hub for the eXmachina vehicle. The approach for Machina Café is to have our parent company, Four Link Systems, make franchise agreements with local businesses, and do business with them".

Micro mobility itself was originally aimed at short-distance travel in a community, making a hub a necessity for it to work. "We are proposing a new style of transportation. The center of our business will be our local region-based café, a place where males and females, young and old can gather and utilize micro mobility for sightseeing and short-distance travel around the area where the café is located," speaks Mr. Sakata.

The biggest distinguishing feature of the eXmachina is foldable. During normal use, the vehicle can go up to 30km/h, and it still can go up to 6km/h even when it is folded. "The ability to fold the vehicle is another unique design of the eXmachina, and we plan to demonstrate how it can be folded at our booth in SMC. We hope visitors will see our goal to create a 'ride-able robot,' he says.

By presenting the vehicle at a large-scale event such as Tokyo Motor Show, "I want as many people as possible to see the eXmachina concept car," says Mr. Sakata. "I hope that people will spread the word about our vehicle through social media and through word of mouth".