The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


[Exhibitor Interviews]ZieD Co., Ltd.

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[Exhibitor Interviews]ZieD Co., Ltd.

ZieD Co., Ltd. works to create an ultra-micro mobility solution for people that typically have their movement restricted, such as seniors and physically challenged people, and puts "the smallest and lightest car that will make someone happy" as its goal. ZieD CEO Takashi Sawada further explains, "it has been two years since our last Tokyo Motor Show exhibition. After further development in those two years, we now present the 'ZieD C1'. The 'C' stands for 'care', from the image of the second passenger in the back seat casting their caring gaze over the passenger in front."

The ZieD C1 is so easy to drive, that drivers don't even need a driver's license to use it. It is also efficient in its use of energy, making it environmentally friendly. "The top speed for this vehicle is 30km/h, so we had to take a completely different approach when thinking about safety. For example, when thinking about collision safety, we looked at it from the perspective of avoiding collisions all together". The ZieD-C1 is not positioned as an electric wheelchair, but instead a "pre-wheelchair". "We aim this vehicle towards people who are looking for a high QOL (Quality of Life), before it becomes really necessary for them to use a wheelchair," he says.

As a new style of mobility, collaborations with various manufacturers and engineers are anticipated. "I hope that I will be able to interact with a lot of people's knowledge and abilities at SMC, to evolve the future of transportation".