The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


[Exhibitor Interviews]WHILL Co., Ltd.

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[Exhibitor Interviews]WHILL Co., Ltd.

The "WHILL Model A" is a personal mobility solution that can be driven on public roads and sidewalks without a driver's license. WHILL Co., Ltd. Noubhiro Yoshioka, Director of Sales and Marketing 1st Dept., explains that "while our vehicle is categorized under an electric wheelchair, our vehicle is a completely new type of personal mobility that breaks outside of the confines of a typical electric wheelchair." Therefore, he continues, "at this year's SMC, we hope to create an exhibition that will have visitors exclaiming, 'I want to ride in this one!' when they walk past our booth." The goal is to have as many people as possible learn about its appeal at the SMC exhibition.

WHILL is also focused on its design, planning a collaboration with the fashion brand BEAMS. "Vehicles are a part of fashion, too. Our plan is to have BEAMS design the clothes to wear when you are on a WHILL, and also have WHILL on display in their stores." In addition to the standard white and gray colors, there will be a special Tokyo Motor Show color as well. There are also plans to expand sales outside of the current Japan and U.S. markets. "I want to propose new ways to use WHILL other than as an electric wheelchair, by doing things such as placing it as a personal mobility solution in shopping malls and amusement parks".

"The vision of WHILL is to provide a pleasant and stylish way of transportation for all people, from seniors and handicapped people to healthy people," speaks Mr. Yoshioka. As WHILL becomes more common, people that had their movement restricted will have more opportunities to go outside, changing the current state of the city and society. Please visit WHILL's booth, and take a look at the personal mobility that will create a new society.