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[Exhibitor Interviews]HIT Co., Ltd.

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[Exhibitor Interviews]HIT Co., Ltd.

HIT Co., Ltd. is a major outdoor advertising company, owning 70 of the 120 large scale billboards on the Shutoko (Metropolitan Expressway). The company plans to begin an active switch to digital signage, starting with those 70 billboards. According to Seiichi Minagawa, General Manager/Director, "The company is switching from advertising with posters and moving on to the information industry".

The company is planning expansion into the ASEAN digital signage industry as well, starting by listing its company on the Singaporean stock market in June of 2016. Mr. Minagawa hopes that "through our SMC exhibition, various industries and visitors will be able to learn more about our activities," as the company works to expand overseas.

As large outdoor billboards make the switch to digital signage, the existing state of advertising will undergo a massive change. "Advertising will change from basic branding to advertising focusing on much more specific things. Digital signage allows not only videos, but also allows the contents of advertisements to change between night and day and from weekends to weekdays. Advertisements will be able to interoperate with traffic information, stocks and news, making billboards a new channel of information".

The advantage of digital signage is that the more you expand in different directions, the more added value you gain. "Digital signage is very effective in the current expanding borderless market, where a product is simultaneously released worldwide", he states. From now on, "advertising that was thought to be impossible or taboo, should become possible through digital signage. We hope to contribute to an advertising strategy that will bring automakers and car dealerships closer together."