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[Exhibitor Interviews]TOKYO FM Interview

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[Exhibitor Interviews]TOKYO FM Interview

Smart Mobility City (SMC) leads the look into the future of cars, lifestyles, and society. In the Smart Mobility City, a wide range of companies will join together with the automotive industry. One of those companies joining this program is FM TOKYO CO., LTD. (TOKYO FM), which provides radio broadcasts all over Japan via the Internet. In this interview, we asked the motivation behind exhibiting at SMC.

Mr. Koichi Miyano, the head of the Organized Production Department and a member of the Earth & Human Conscious Office, explains that "cars are an essential part of radio, and many of our listeners enjoy the broadcasts within their cars," describing the deep connection between cars and radio. According to the report "J-RADIO" (a report on local radio statistics in Japan) done by Video Research Ltd., when asked, "What device do you use when listening to radio", 30.38 million people responded that they use their car radio, significantly leading the second highest response, "standalone radio" with 13.91 million.

As such, TOKYO FM has been participating in the Tokyo Motor Show for many years. TOKYO FM also exhibited during the first SMC, which took place in 2011 and brought excitement to the Tokyo Motor Show. At SMC 2015, TOKYO FM is planning to present a brand new type of media to the attendees.

"Our 'V-Low Multimedia Broadcast system," explains Mr. Miyano, "is a new broadcasting infrastructure which combines broadcasting and multicasting." The "V-Low Multimedia Broadcast" is a new broadcasting infrastructure that is planned to go into use in the winter of 2015. Using newly available frequency bands (channels 1-3 in analog broadcast) made available by the move to digital TV broadcasting, a new type of digital broadcasting will begin. In addition to audio transmission, multimedia files such as visual and text-based information can also be transmitted using this system. Currently, the types of services and programs that are going to be broadcast are still under consideration.

Mr. Miyano hopes that "people will be able to enjoy the 'V-Low Multimedia Broadcast' as soon as possible through our booth set up at SMC 2015, and experience the new type of broadcasting that will become a part of the future of the automobile experience."

In addition, he speaks that "in addition to the booth exhibits, TOKYO FM (80.0MHz)'s programs will also incorporate attractiveness brought about by cars, and hopes to get people excited for the Tokyo Motor Show through new campaigns."

Finally, Mr. Miyano says, "we hope that those attending SMC 2015, including various automakers and the media, will experience 'V-Low Multimedia Broadcast' for themselves. I'm sure visitors will be able to see the future where radio and cars join forces."

Radio and cars are already a great combination, but at SMC 2015, next-generation mobility and "V-Low Multimedia Broadcast" will join together and open new possibilities.