The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


SMC Conferences: Learn and Speak for the Tomorrow!

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SMC Conferences: Learn and Speak for the Tomorrow!

At "SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015," we will be hosting programs on diverse topics ranging from the latest trends in technology development relating to cars, lifestyles,and the society to new cultures for not only professional engineers but also for a wide range of audience from adults to children to deepen their understanding.

First,organizers will host two programs: "The SMC Forum" and "The SMC International Symposium."

Under the theme of "With more freedom... change for cars, change for lifestyles, change for society", "The SMC Forum" will have discussions on the concept of enriched lifestyles of tomorrow for cars,cities, and lifestyles with a focus on the city of Tokyo that will be facing drastic changes gaining a momentum towards 2020. It will cover topics such as changes in the advancement of ICT, combining cars with new communication solutions. On top of these discussions, we will have an interactive talk session connecting the audience outside the venue using a video streaming site and SNS, in real time.The purpose of this session is to promote active discussions by introducing opinions and comments from visitors and audiences from a wide range of generations who are interested in these topics.

"The SMC International Symposium" will have the theme of " How will automated driving change cars, lifestyles, and the society?" In this symposium, we will invite engineers and experts from the United States, Europe, and Japan, who are involved with automated driving at governments, corporations, and research institutions, to introduce the latest measures to the audience.
From a global perspective, we will focus on how automated driving will bring changes to the society and lifestyles.

In "The Advanced Technology Seminars," which will offer opportunities for the exchange of technologies and the creation of businesses, corporations and organizations exhibiting at the show will have presentations on technologies and systems. For the past two times, seminars were held by a variety of presenters from the civil service, organizations, materialanufacturers, media, and so on.

"Kids'workshops" are the hands-on program for children who will bear the next generation, hosted by corporations and organizations. Children will be able to learn, while having fun, about the future of SMART MOBILITY CITY which will be created by new relationships of automobiles and the society by, for example, understanding the structure of automobiles from building a kit and touring the venue.