The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


SMC Test-Rides Program: Experience the Latest Next-Generation Mobilities!

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SMC Test-Rides Program: Experience the Latest Next-Generation Mobilities!

Continuing from "Exhibitions"in the previous newsletter, we would like to introduce the outline of our"Test-Rides"program in this issue.
While test-rides are usually conducted at a special course build outside and away from the exhibition hall at general motor shows, the appeal of test-rides at "SMART MOBILITY CITY 2015"is that actually riding in various types of next-generation mobilities, visitors can move from one place to another either outside or inside the site where a fictional city is created as well as from inside to outside.

Visitors can ride three different types of the next-generation mobilities:"personal mobility,""micro mobility,"and"demonstrations of automated driving (advanced driver assistance systems)."Test-rides can be taken at various areas of"SMART MOBILITY CITY"from within the fictional city to the outside test-ride course.

"Personal mobility"is the mobility that achieves casual transportation and can be considered as a riding type one-person transportation assistance robot. The riding styles vary: some let a rider ride standing, and some allow a rider to sit down as well. The speed is as fast as one's fast walking, and it assists transportation mainly within walking distance, enabling transportation of future where pedestrians and mobilities live in coexistence with each other.
For the test-ride of this personal mobility, we prepare a square inside the exhibition hall as a special riding area. We invite visitors to experience a curious feeling of being able to move from front to back and from side to side with simple shifting of body weight.

"Micro mobility"is the vehicle more compact than the automobile for one to two passengers and provides casual transportation in a community. The compact size of the vehicle allows a smooth ride in a town with narrow roads and makes it easy to find a parking spot.
As a new mobility that enables safe, free, and fun riding in a town, they have already started to be on roads in various locations. For a test-ride of this micro mobility, we prepare a unique course leaving from inside to outside of the exhibition hall. We invite visitors to enjoy an exhilarating ride in a fictional city to a real city.

We are in the process of planning"demonstrations of automated driving (advanced driver assistance systems)"at the special course set in a rooftop exhibition area adjacent to the exhibition hall for the theme of automated driving technologies that are currently receiving considerable attention.
More specifically, we are planning to invite visitors to experience the latest technologies such as the latest version of advanced driver assistance systems mounted on the latest models and experimental and verification models aiming to achieve automated driving of tomorrow. Right now, we are coordinating with relevant parties including manufacturers and research institutions from Japan and abroad. Please stay tuned!

There will be a wide array of the next-generation mobilities running in the city of tomorrow"SMART MOBILITY CITY."We invite you to experience the latest next-generation mobilities at the site. You will certainly be able to have actual experiences of pleasure of new transportation styles.