The 44th TOKYO MOTOR SHOW 2015


SMC2015 Information A world first! A theme park style exhibition

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SMC2015 Information  A world first! A theme park style exhibition

Firstly, a short overview of the exhibition.
For "Smart Mobility City 2015" we felt it necessary to radically evolve the concept of our exhibition, and we've introduced for the first time an exhibition format in which you can experience the real connections between cities, cars, and people, represented through our "Smart Mobility City".
While strolling through this "city of tomorrow", visitors can get a taste of the next generation of automobiles, new ways of living, changes in society and values, and the fun and joy that go along with them.

More specifically, along a main street that cuts through the city, "SMC Avenue", display booths will be lined up from 22 companies and organizations, including automobile makers, creating a city scene. Visitors can enjoy taking a look around the various booths, each of which focuses on a different idea, as though they are shopping.

Additionally, inside the exhibition hall is a space where mock public buildings such as a station and a research laboratory will be set up. Here, the organizer will offer displays of their latest technologies, as well as workshops where visitors can try them out. One example is the station set up in the center of the room, which will feature displays of next-generation urban transit systems, Tokyo in the year 2020, and more.
In the plaza in front of the station, customers can test-drive an micro mobility vehicles. There is also a "Personal Mobility Research Lab", where customers can enjoy learning about and test-driving this much talked about personal mobility vehicles. Visitors can experience real initiatives related to our symbiotic relationship with vehicles, and our desire to help vulnerable road users.

Furthermore, the "Cars and ICT&E (Energy/Entertainment) Lab" introduces the possibility of self-driving vehicles, and a future in which one can communicate with our cars. Of course outside, there will also be a demonstration test-drive of a car equipped with the latest systems in self-driving technology.

As well as automobile makers, various private companies and organizations will also put on displays about telecommunications, raw materials, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies, and so forth.
The organizer will offer basic information, as well as test-rides for micro mobility and personal mobility. There will also be a cityscape composed of an avenue and pocket park. "Smart Mobility City" is a world-first theme park style exhibition packed full of new and fun things to try. We hope all will enjoy this highly-anticipated event.