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Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook Vol. 65 2018-2019

Guidebook vol.63 Publication date: October 24, 2018 (Wed)
Publication price: JPY 1,200
(tax included)
Digital edition: JPY 900
(tax included)
First published over 60 years ago, the Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook remains the quintessential almanac covering domestically produced Japanese motor vehicles. The 65th edition includes approximately 800 vehicles and their specifications in full color, making this a great reference book for any automobile lover. The Guidebok will be on sale from Octorber 24 at majar book stores: a degital version will also be available at Magastore and honto.
Format: A4 size, approx. 320 pages
Retail price: ¥1,200 (tax included); Digital edition ¥900 (tax included)
Available at: major bookstores,
Book Service Company (mail-order service), Magastore and hont (digital version)

Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook Vol. 66 2019-2020

Guidebook vol.63 Publication date: October 23 (Wednesday), 2019
Publication price: JPY 1,111 (consumption tax excluded)
Task Integration in Automobile Manufacturing and Market Supply: Insights into Complexity
Automobiles are ubiquitous today, but a large part of the general public (including motor vehicle enthusiasts) is likely not wholly aware of the broad-ranging multiplicity of “sectoral” tasks that are integrated into their manufacture and market promotion. This feature article presents an overview of the principal processes involved, from product planning, design, assembly, testing and manufacture to advertising and sales, and examines them individually in dedicated sections. The article’s aim is to underscore the appeal of automobiles of all types by deepening readers’ understanding of the full panoply of activities that contribute to their production and delivery to consumers.
Format: A4 size, approx. 320 pages