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Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook 2016-2017 vol.63

Guidebook vol.63 Publication date: October 26, 2016 (Wed)

The one and only almanac covering domestic vehicles - the "Japanese Motor Vehicles Guidebook".  Approximately 750 vehicles are introduced in full color. Full specs are included for each model, making this a great reference book for any automobile lover.

This year’s feature is titled “My Dream Car,” spotlighting young people interested in becoming auto mechanics, automotive engineers or car designers, with descriptions of their passionate and dedicated efforts to make their "dream cars" a reality.

The Guidebook will serve as a helpful reference when purchasing vehicles and is sure to meet all your expectations.

The Guidebook’s electronic version is also available.

Format: A4, 314 pages / Retail price: ¥1,200 (electronic version ¥900)