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Guide to Toyota Exhibits

Toyota Motor Corporation will display 12 concept vehicles from 10 vehicle series and 21 production vehicles as well as a variety of technology exhibits at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show to be held at the Nippon Convention Center (Makuhari Messe) in Makuhari, Chiba from Oct. 25 to Nov. 5

Toyota has viewed motor shows as an opportunity to suggest proposals concerning new possibilities for vehicles and it has displayed a variety of concept vehicles and advanced technologies.

For this motor show, Toyota has adopted as its theme "Eco and Emotion" and will introduce advanced environmental performance and innovations in driving performance by means of advances in hybrid technologies. Toyota will also introduce its initiatives to achieve "near- future automobile manufacturing" in advance of societal demands from the perspective of combining the all-important motor vehicle characteristic of being fun to drive and caring for the environment and people.

Specifically, Toyota will display a number of new concept vehicles in the hybrid and motorsports categories, as well as a variety of advanced technology exhibits.



Toyota Motor Corporation
Head office:1 Toyota-cho, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture 471-8571
Tokyo office:4-18 Koraku 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8701

Guide to the Toyota Booth [CONCEPT VEHICLES]
The Fine-N hints at the coming revolution in automotive design by employing an advanced fuel-cell system.It touts an innovative package and fresh styling made possible by its fuel cell layout and four in-wheel motors. photo
In the CS&S, the combination of the THSII next-generation Toyota Hybrid System mounted midship and the E-Four electric four-wheel drive system mean a vehicle that boasts excellent environmental performance and is fun to drive. photo
The SU-HV1's newly developed SUV*4 hybrid system and the new E-Four system put high power, the fuel efficiency of a compact-class car and world-class low-emissions performance in a next-generation SUV hybrid vehicle. photo
The PM is a personal mobility vehicle that "fits like a glove" and seeks to create a feeling of unity between driver and vehicle through the use of cutting-edge telecommunications technologies based on the new concept of "meeting, linking and gathering." photo
The NLSV features a large, wireless electric sliding door on the passenger side and a flatter and wider floor, proposing a new concept in simple but functional vehicle utility. photo
Crown Concept
The Crown Concept's innovative styling and superior driving performance marks a shift in the Crown's concept of being "stationary" to being "active," raising the traditional feeling of hospitality to the world's highest level so as to propose the ideal for a next-generation luxury class sedan. photo
The LF-S is a next-generation premium sedan that embodies the Lexus brand's "new value of high quality." photo
The LF-X is a crossover that combines the power of an SUV and the sophistication of a sporty sedan, proposing how new-generation Lexus models ought to be. photo
F1*9 Toyota TF103
The Toyota TF103 is a Formula One World Championship Racing (F1) race car that boasts outstanding aerodynamic performance and has competed in 16 races in 2003, designated the "Year of Challenge," which marks the second year for Toyota to participate in F1. photo
IRL*10 Indy 500 Winning Car
The race car that Gil de Ferran of the Marlboro Team Penske drove to victory in the 2003 Indianapolis 500. photo

*1 Fine-N:Fuel cell INnovative Emotion-Next generation
*2 CS&S:Compact Sport & Speciality
*3 SU-HV1:Sports Utility-Hybrid Vehicle
*4 SUV:Sport Utility Vehicle
*5 PM:Personal Mobility with visual communication system
*6 NLSV:New-Life Support Vehicle
*7 LF-S:LEXUS Future-Sedan
*8 LF-X:LEXUS Future-crossover(X)
*9 F1:Formula 1
*10 IRL:Indy Racing League

  1. New-generation fuel cell technology: Fine-N
  2. Next-generation hybrid technology: Prius, SU-HV2
  3. Commercialized fuel-cell technology: TOYOTA FCHV
  4. Power train technology: Power train in the Crown Concept Newly developed 6-cylinder direct-injection 3.0-liter engine with intake and exhaust system VVT-I*
    *VVT-I: Variable Valve Timing-intelligent
    +Four-speed automatic transmission (Sequential Shiftmatic)
  5. Recycling technology: Toyota Eco-Plastic
  6. Improved vehicle dismantling
  1. Preventive safety: Peripheral surveillance system
  2. Collision safety: Pre-Crash Safety system

New information network service: G-BOOK

Guide to the Toyota Booth [PRODUCTION VEHICLES]
  1. Soarer
  2. Avensis
  3. Caldina
  4. Prius
  5. Celica
  6. MR-S
  7. Corolla Fielder
  8. Corolla Spacio
  9. Raum
  10. Raum (Welcab Lift-up Front Passenger Seat model _ Type B)
  11. bB
  12. Vitz (Modellista)
  13. Alphard Hybrid
  14. Alphard G (Welcab Friendmatic Seat model _ Slope Type I)
  15. Estima Hybrid
  16. Estima T (Welcab Side Lift-up Seat _ Standard Type)
  17. Ipsum
  18. WISH (Modellista)
  19. SIENTA
  20. SIENTA (Welcab Friendmatic Seat model _ Type I)
    (Scheduled to be launched in December 2003)
  21. RAV4 L
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